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At Liverpool Waste, we encourage competent waste management procedures in order to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Our members are environmental and waste management experts who advocate for long-term environmental solutions. To get yourself one of our services, you can call us on 0151 321 1540. With our waste management service, we can provide free sani bins and rubbish bins, often known as san bins or sanitary bins, to all of Liverpool. Set up a call with us or create a free quote to get your own free bins.

Sanitary Waste Classification Liverpool

Sanitary waste is considered to be health-care risk waste and needs to be sterilised before being disposed of in a hazardous waste site under dry conditions. Occupational health risks are present from handling sanitary waste, which then demands to be assessed and handled precautiously. The risk to human health is considered low if the waste is properly wrapped and handled as per regulations, free of residual liquids. 

If rain falls on untreated medical and sanitary waste in uncertified disposal sites, there is a considerable risk of groundwater contamination. Large corporations generate a lot of sanitary waste, so they should think about where it goes and what threats it poses to the environment and public health. As long as sanitary trash isn’t infectious and does not require special treatment or disposal procedures, it’s not classified as hazardous, special, or clinical waste under UK environmental regulation and it’s not classified as dangerous goods under UK transportation legislation. Waste that only contains non-infectious bodily fluids (such as sharps) is generally considered to be “offensive/hygiene waste.

Sanitary Waste Disposal Liverpool

Waste that only contains non-infectious bodily fluids (such as sharps) is generally considered to be “offensive/hygiene waste. In order to avoid harm, it is still important to handle it carefully, but not in the same way that clinical or hazardous waste is handled. UK health law demands that sanitary waste is disposed of in a safe, hygienic manner that corresponds to the level of risk that it presents to human health. According to the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations of 1992, all organisations are required to provide a suitable method for disposing of sanitary waste in female toilets. This is also noted by the Water Industries Act 1991, which states that any sanitary waste that could cause blockages or complications with drainage systems or sewers should not be flushed away.

You should hire a professional business like Liverpool Waste to collect your sanitary and washroom waste. Nevertheless, it’s imperative that you transfer the sanitary waste to a licensed waste carrier who is registered with the Environmental Agency, and your waste management company for collecting commercial waste must also be licensed by the EPA in the same way a sanitary bin service provider must. With Liverpool waste, you get all of this in one. Plus, we have all the necessary certifications. Medical and sanitary waste are commonly disposed of using electro-thermal deactivation, which is an environmentally friendly approach to removing particles from hazardous waste that is harmless while emitting no liquids, solids, or gases.

Our contractors arrive on site early in the morning to replace the sanitary bins in an unobtrusive manner. Commercial sanitary waste disposal allows you to focus on running your business while our experienced nationwide experts take care of your legal duties. We’ll begin by performing an evaluation at your location, then work to provide the appropriate containers and collect and dispose of waste in a timely and responsible manner.

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