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Plastic Waste Recycling Liverpool

With our team, you can recycle plastic waste effectively and manage plastic waste at a low cost. Our team is committed to helping companies increase their green codes while retaining profitability and cutting costs. Plastic waste is a common waste generated by companies that manufacture plastic or use plastic every day in business operations. If your company generates plastic waste, you are required by law to hire a licensed waste management company like Liverpool Waste to manage it. Call us on 0151 321 1540.

Several simple steps can be taken by our company to assist your company in better managing plastic waste. These include hiring a waste company like us here at Liverpool Waste. We will also provide you with free bins to store your plastic waste in. And if it’s necessary, which is almost always is, we will also provide you with free waste audits.

What is Plastic Waste Recycling?

Collecting discarded plastic and converting it into new, usable goods is what recycling plastic entails. Every year, almost a trillion pounds of plastic are produced and used around the world. Almost all of the plastic will be recycled, ensuring that it does not end up in the landfill. You can repurpose the plastic rather than throwing them away. For normal plastic waste, a traditional recycling method is used.  Plastics are melted and used to make new plastic products in this type of recycling. Using injection moulding techniques, the recycled plastic is then moulded into new goods.

For plastic waste that is a little trickier to recycle into the same plastic components, a recycling method called chemical recycling is used. The end result of this method is usually fuel oil. During chemical plastic waste recycling, the plastic is broken down into its chemical compositions so it can be changed to produce something completely different. The European Union has made the circular economy and the reduction of plastic waste one of its top priorities, resulting in ever tougher laws, such as landfill bans, extended producer 

responsibility, and specific recycling targets.

How is Plastic Waste Recycled?

Collecting, sorting, shredding, washing, melting, and pelletizing are the most basic plastic recycling methods. Depending on the type of resin or plastic product used, several techniques are used.

The collection of plastic waste is the initial step in the procedure. We then transport it to a recycling centre. Keep your plastic waste in separate bins so that it can be recycled. Contaminants cannot contaminate the plastic as a result of this. Plastic will be separated at recycling centres by polymer type and grade. Following that, any other contaminants identified in the plastic garbage will be filtered out. After being sorted and filtered, the shredded or melted plastic will be used to make a new plastic object. 

Types of Plastic Waste

Plastics are divided into six categories. A few examples of products manufactured with each type of plastic are listed below:

  • PS (Polystyrene)  is a type of plastic that includes foam hot drink cups, plastic tableware, containers, and yogurt.
  • polypropylene (PP) is used in food containers, takeout containers, and ice cream tubs.
  • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is used to make plastic garbage containers and bags (LDPE).
  • PVC (plasticised polyvinyl chloride or polyvinyl chloride) is often used in juice, cordial, and squeeze bottles. 
  • Another  example is HDPE (High-density polyethylene), which is used in shampoo bottles and milk bottles.
  • Juice and soft drink bottles are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate).
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