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Paper Waste Recycling Liverpool

Paper recycling is an important part of the waste recycling business in the UK. Our goal at Poole Waste is to avoid dumping any paper waste on the landscape or in landfills as much as possible. We can provide you with recycling wheelie bins for free upon request. We would be happy to help you recycle your paper. We can provide you with a free quote without any obligation on your part. 

Get in touch with us by calling 0151 321 1540. Through our extensive experience, we will not only manage your paper waste, but we will also conduct a full waste audit that will help you reduce the amount of paper waste that you generate while saving you money. Additionally, we offer the best customer service in Liverpool.

How is Paper Waste Recycled?

Tonnes of paper waste are generated annually by the average business. There are many sources of paper waste, such as packaging, paper bags,office paper, newspapers, magazines, and shredded documents. Although papermaking is an ancient technique, paper products remain extremely useful and essential in today’s world. Fibers which are derived from wood pulp, grass, or other organic matter are used in a variety of paper products, such as in newspapers, packaging, and cleaning products. Therefore, paper is recycled in such a way that the fibres are broken down to create a pulp with an added wood chip to make the pulp a little sturdier. 

If half of the world’s paper could be recycled, approximately 20 million acres of forest could be saved. We can use this number to encourage us to recycle growing amounts of paper waste. We assure the safe collection and recycling of your paper waste as an experienced and accredited waste management team in Liverpool. 

Managing Paper Waste Liverpool

The technology industry is evolving and changing, resulting in more waste being generated. There is an increasing waste of paper in particular. We are becoming increasingly wasteful when it comes to paper. Consequently, managing paper waste is important, especially for businesses. Additionally, excessive printing, single-sided printing, and printing for personal use contribute to paper waste in offices. Office workers waste roughly half of their paper use each year. The average person uses roughly 10000 sheets of paper a year. Because paper plays such an important role in our lives, it is extremely important to use it properly.

Paper is produced, distributed, used and discarded in tremendous quantities, which can result in tremendous energy and raw material consumption. Our experienced team can help you reduce your paper waste, recycle all of your paper waste, and avoid landfilling paper waste. As one of the best recyclers and waste management companies in the country, we offer a variety of services. Reach out to us if you’re interested in learning more about what makes us an affordable, reliable, and sustainable waste management solution.

Paper Waste Recycling Process

We’ll come to your site and collect and transport waste paper to a recycling plant. In a recycling factory, paper waste will be separated into many sorts. The waste paper will then be mixed in with other waste papers.

Contaminants such as ink, plastic, glue, and staples are removed using a soapy water wash. Chemicals are then added to the paper waste to create a slurry, which is a mixture of recycled paper that is used to generate actual paper products such as newspapers and office paper. Impurities are eliminated during the filtering phase after the pulping process.

The paper is washed and then transported to a large container where it is mixed with water to produce a pulp. The slurry, also known as pulp, is an element that is used to convert paper waste into fresh paper material. The paper waste is turned into new paper goods, such as cardboards and office paper, after passing through a slurry process.

In the end, the process of refining or rolling is performed. This is when the paper fibres or pulp is dried and rolled to form new paper sheets. Depending on the desired paper colour, the paper might be dyed or bleached. 

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