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Food Waste Recycling Liverpool

Food producers and workers do not have time to spare, risking methane gas leaks into the atmosphere or spending large sums of money on landfill disposal—yet making big changes is easier than you may imagine. If you’re looking for food waste recycling services to help your organization contribute to reducing food waste and carbon emissions, Poole Waste has all the resources you need. Our solutions have a significant impact on the amount of food that is recycled in the United Kingdom. Please call us at 0151 321 1540.

To our customers, we are committed to helping them manage their waste and resources efficiently, sustainably, and with our support. Ultimately, our business proposition is to assist our customers in preserving and protecting the finite resources of the world. As an additional bonus, we provide free bins as well as free delivery. Our collection services can also be tailored to your needs. The way we gather food waste depends on your business. We can collect on a monthly, weekly, or day-to-day basis.

What is Food Waste?

Unconsumed food makes up the majority of food waste and loss. Food waste is caused by a number of reasons, including manufacturing, distribution, retail, and consumption. We are in the midst of a global food waste catastrophe. In addition to the financial, environmental, and legal implications, incorrect food waste management can be harmful to the environment. Your business is required by law to adhere to particular commercial food waste disposal requirements, and failing to do so could result in a punishment.

The most typically wasted foods are potatoes, bread pieces, and apples, with salad items being thrown away in the majority of cases. Normally, this wasted food ends up in landfills, where it rots and releases methane, which is harmful to the environment and produces greenhouse gases. Global climate change and warming are profoundly impacted as a result of this.

Food Waste Recycling Liverpool

Currently, food production and consumption and the resulting waste are the greatest threats to the environment. We waste one-third of all food produced, as well as the natural resources used in its production, while more than 700 million people go hungry every day. Even though we all require food, our current agricultural systems and waste habits impose an unsustainable burden on the environment. Here at Liverpool Waste, we prioritize the environment, our practices are more focused on conserving resources and conserving energy, which we accomplish through recycling.

The only thing you need is an incentive to change the way you handle food waste in your company. Rest assured, Liverpool Waste Company is ready to handle everything else. With our on-site assessments, we develop a customized plan to assist you with food waste recycling.

How is Food Waste Recycled?

There are two techniques to recycle food waste:

In-vessel composting requires mixing food waste with garden waste, shredding it, and then composting it for 2-4 weeks in an enclosed system (temperatures as high as 70°C speed up the process and ensure that any harmful bacteria are destroyed). Before being used as a soil conditioner, the material is allowed to develop for another 1-3 months outside, with regular turning and quality inspections.

Anaerobic digestion uses microorganisms to break down food waste, animal manure, slurries, and energy crops in the absence of oxygen in an enclosed environment. Methane is emitted when it decomposes, which is collected and converted into biogas, which can then be used to generate electricity, heat, or transportation fuels. It also creates a nutrient-dense digestate that can be used as a fertilizer or to regenerate the soil.

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