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Liverpool Waste Management

Liverpool Waste Management is the leading waste company in Liverpool specialising in Commercial Waste Collections, Recycling and Waste Management.

Our Waste Consultancy department is lead by an experienced waste supervisor with over 32 years experience in the sector, having held the position of Managing Director for two preceding businesses, working particularly in both the Dry Waste and Hazardous Waste sectors.

Enriched with this specific experience the local waste management consultancy department offers prospective customers a complete waste management service that may assist them in today’s legislative powered surroundings, offering them guidance and alternatives to their waste management duties.
The following services are offered specifically by the consultancy division.

Perfect for small waste companies that wish to have guidance in the end of a telephone to ensure they stay abreast of the ever changing waste legislation, which consistently places the duty on the waste company to ensure their waste is handled legally and safely.

A service made to give the waste company an assessment of their current waste management operations, which will confirm their legal status in respect of waste legislation and their duty as waste companies highlighting alternate strategies and notions which plan to be cost helpful to the customer.

Legislation orders that waste management companies must see to it that the existence of a technically competent person on their functional sites for a certain amount of time each week (generally expressed as a percent % of time). This service was created to assist operators who don’t have the applicable employees in their own structure to fulfill this role and that it’s financially a burden to employ someone full time.

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